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  • Somewhere over the last few weeks, my SecuritySpy iOS notifications stopped. I am using iOS 11.4.1 (beta) but they have also stopped on an older iPhone still running 11.3

    I am up to date on both Mac software (4.2.4) and iOS app. Running Sierra 10.12.6 on the mac.

    Everything else works fine - email notifications are sent, a custom script runs (sends to PushOver, which works fine.)

    I've tried the File "option menu" debug suggestions for checking for new certificates and resetting iOS notifications, and recycled notifications on/off on the devices - but no luck.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi David,

    It sounds like you have tried what I would have suggested first (and what fixes this for most users) which are the options in the File -> Debug menu.

    The next thing to do is check the Log (File -> Open Log) to see if there are any messages there related to notifications.

    Do you have any connection-blocking software (e.g. "Little Snitch") running by any chance?
  • Thanks for the suggestions.
    Unfortunately, there are no suspicious log messages, and no use of connection-blocking software (other than Apple's default firewall.)
    I tried completely re-installing the iPhone app, and that didn't fix anything.
    Pushover notifications (from my script) get through, so I know it's not a connectivity problem.

    Let me know if you think of anything else!

  • Hi David,,,same problem here too,,,have exactly same setup as you and have done exactly the same things as you and also verified our iPhones have the correct configs for Notifications. We don't use PushOver. We had this problem last year about this time and was advised to wait 24 hours after using the Debug scripts from the file menu. That worked then, but not this time. We have a service ticket and waiting for Ben to come up with something; meanwhile we are sending Action trigger event photos to our email client and then viewing them remotely (Mail Notifications working fine).
  • same problem here
  • There are no known problems with the notification system to our iOS SecuritySpy app (or to the Remote Patrol or Spyglass iOS apps). We have tested this thoroughly. Here are the troubleshooting tips for this problem, even if you have tried these already I would recommend going through them again:

    - Make sure there is no connection-blocking software installed on the Mac running SecuritySpy (e.g. "Little Snitch").

    - Make sure there is no firewall that blocks outgoing connections to the Internet, either on the Mac running SecuritySpy or on the router.

    - On the iOS device, go to Settings, scroll down to SecuritySpy (or Remote Patrol or Spyglass, depending on which app you are using), and make sure that notifications are allowed. You should turn on all options here ("Allow Notifications", "Sounds", "Show on Lock Screen" etc.).

    - In SecuritySpy, hold the alt (option) key and click on the File menu. From the Debug submenu, select the "Check For Updated iOS Notification Certificates" option.

    - Again from the Debug submenu, select the "Clear All iOS Notification Devices" option.

    - Go to the iOS app and turn off, then turn on, notifications for the camera(s).

    - In SecuritySpy, make sure that Actions mode is armed for the camera(s).

    - Check the log (File menu -> Open Log) for any error messages relating to notifications.
  • Was this solved? I am having the same problem (as well as port forwarding issues but I'm using LAN for now). Emails sent. Video captured. Just no iOS notifications. v11.4.1 7plua
  • Solution: close ios app-- notifications aren't sent while it's open
  • @Ben if notifications are not sent if app is open, is this an issue?
  • The above troubleshooting steps did not fix notifications for me.
  • having the app closed did not fix it for me as well.
  • There is also no errors in the log file..

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