iOS notifications
  • Somewhere over the last few weeks, my SecuritySpy iOS notifications stopped. I am using iOS 11.4.1 (beta) but they have also stopped on an older iPhone still running 11.3

    I am up to date on both Mac software (4.2.4) and iOS app. Running Sierra 10.12.6 on the mac.

    Everything else works fine - email notifications are sent, a custom script runs (sends to PushOver, which works fine.)

    I've tried the File "option menu" debug suggestions for checking for new certificates and resetting iOS notifications, and recycled notifications on/off on the devices - but no luck.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi David,

    It sounds like you have tried what I would have suggested first (and what fixes this for most users) which are the options in the File -> Debug menu.

    The next thing to do is check the Log (File -> Open Log) to see if there are any messages there related to notifications.

    Do you have any connection-blocking software (e.g. "Little Snitch") running by any chance?
  • Thanks for the suggestions.
    Unfortunately, there are no suspicious log messages, and no use of connection-blocking software (other than Apple's default firewall.)
    I tried completely re-installing the iPhone app, and that didn't fix anything.
    Pushover notifications (from my script) get through, so I know it's not a connectivity problem.

    Let me know if you think of anything else!


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