iPhone app unnecessarily asks for login
  • Whenever I access the iPhone app the following happens:

    1. The dialog asking for Username appears
    2. I tap cancel because I have already entered my credentials previously.
    3. The Servers list appears
    4. I tap on my server
    5. I am automatically logged in.

    Since my login credentials are evidently stored on the app, why does it make me jump through hoops 1-2 instead of just directly logging me in to the server?

    On my iPad I am taken directly to the list of capture files. I would like this to happen on the phone too.
  • This is unusual behaviour, we can't reproduce it here so far. We've just replied to your email with some troubleshooting steps to try, so please let us know if this fixes the problem or not. For any other user experiencing this, please try first deleting and re-installing the app on your device, then adding the server again.
  • Just to confirm, I have never had this issue either, when I open the iPhone app I tap on the server and am straight in, whether over 3g or wifi.
  • Following up on the email exchange I can confirm that the problem was resolved by uninstalling the app and then downloading it again from the app store.

    Thanks to the support staff for excellent responsiveness and to the developers for a great product.

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