RTSP v H.264
  • I have a hikvision camera. I use the ONVIF profile and it populates the Format dropdown with RTSP streams. I understand that H.264 is preferred.

    On the other hand, the "Auto-Detect Streams" button just below offers me the H.264 streams. I have selected one of those.

    So my question is: is SecuritySpy using the H.264 stream? I infer that it is not using the H.264 stream because the motion detected capture is in the .mov format (which I understand from reading the FAQ and other posts on this forum would not be used if H.264 were available. perhaps I am wrong). Note that the continuous capture files are in .m4v format.
  • You can check what format of video and audio is being received from a camera in the Camera Info window. Click the header bar (where you see the column names) and turn on the "Format of incoming video" and "Format of incoming audio" columns.

    The reason for getting a .mov file instead of a .m4v file could be the video format (if it's not H.264) or the audio format (if it's not AAC).

    Hikvision cameras cannot supply AAC audio, so this may be the problem. In this case, in order to get .m4v files, you should enable the "Recompress audio data" option under Preferences - Cameras -> Device, and make sure the audio codec is set to AAC under Preferences - Compression. Then, SecuritySpy will recompress the incoming audio data to AAC format.
  • thank you! this worked! (i did not know of the option to add more columns to Camera Info window.)
  • I didn't know that either - great stuff!

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