Frame rate inconsistency
  • I have lowered the frame rate in each of my cameras to 10 FPS. I have 4 identical Dahua bullet cameras and 2 Ubiquiti dome cameras. When I view SS camera info the frame rate on the four identical cameras is shown as 15 FPS on one and 20 FPS on the other three. The two Ubiquiti cameras are shown correctly at 10 FPS. I tried to manually input the Frame Rate and SS does not allow input on that text field (Dahua Technology).

    I am asking because I would like to lower the frame rate so that my mac mini can handle the cameras. I have 6 cameras total installed (4x3MP), (2X2MP).
  • Oops - sorry. I did not change the frame rate in my camera. SS is not inconsistent. problem solved.

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