Unable To Determine Image Size
  • I have 14 cameras connected and everything was going fine, until I decided to change the password on one camera. The camera in question is a Q-See QCN8033B, which I untethered along with 11 others from a Q-See NVR - lousy interface and very clunky to use. I can tell you, right now, that the cameras are not going back on the NVR! So, here is the issue: After I changed the password on the camera, and rebooted the camera and I stopped and restarted SSpy, fully expecting that the camera would fail, it did not! I then confirmed that the camera's password was changed by logging in with the new password - success. I could not login to the camera with the old password.
    I removed the camera from SSpy and added it back in, it would only connect with the old password! If I used the new password I got an error message concerning bad username/password. However, even though I can connect, I now receive an error message "Unable to determine image size" I have tried various Addresses for the camera (Auto-Discovered Devices, finds the camera correctly); I have used the IP address and the results are the same. Can anyone shed some light on this please?
  • I'm not quite sure what could be going on here. Regarding the password: normally you can have multiple accounts set up in a camera, giving different viewing permissions. Perhaps you were initially using one of these accounts in SecuritySpy, rather than the main admin account that you changed? Check the camera's settings pages to see what accounts are set up.

    Regarding the other error: this sounds related to the encoding settings for the video stream specified in the camera. Make sure the camera is set to H.264, and if there is an option for a "profile", set this to "baseline".

    Does this help?
  • I have only one account on the camera and I cannot login directly to the camera Unless I use the password that I have changed it to. On the chance that SSpy was caching up the credentials somehow, I rebooted the Mac to see if that cleared up the problem - it did not! The only way I can connect with SSpy is by using the original username/password when the camera was setup. The Image problem went away when I did a factory reset on the camera - I must have "touched" something on the original go-around. Do you have any more thoughts on this?
  • Here is what I found out: There is definitely only one user account that you can see. However after reading some other forums it appears that these cameras have a "secret" account for ONVIF. Within the configuration for the camera, under Network -> Configuration -> ONVIF -> Authentication -> Enable/Disable, if it is Enabled only admin/admin works for SSspy; however, if Disabled admin/admin works for SSpy and admin/newpassword works!
  • Of course, since ONVIF authentication is turned off, you don't need any account or password to access the camera via ONVIF.
  • That's quirky! Thanks for posting back the solution, I'm sure this will be helpful for other users.

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