Turning off Reolink app

  • Getting errors (999 Failed to obtain video frame from network device and similar).

    I'm new to SS so I'm wondering if I have to turn off the Reolink app in some way to prevent it from using any bandwidth.

    Installed: (3) Reolink 410WS, Orbi WAP (1 satellite), and 150MPS service out of the house but I believe this is an internal network issue.

    Latest version of SS and I can run two TV's simultaneously attached to Netflix (4K content) without a problem. Seems like my network is thrashing or ????

    Basic Camera settings are:
    Stream - Clear
    Resolution -720p
    Max Bitrate - 3072
    H.264 Profile - Base

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • I have 3 x reolink 410 and a 423 connected and the total bandwidth usage is around 3.5MBs, that is with them all set to 1440p @ 30fps 6144bitrate so your bandwidth use should be much less. As you have guessed I would say it is an internal network issue (I guess you have them connected wirelessly?) as the Reolink app won't be draining much at your settings. I presume the network to your house is very fast (hence the good Netflix performance) but internal problems if you use wireless can be tiny and have an effect on cameras that you don't see on streaming movies etc because things like Netflix have buffers to help smooth issues out.

    The only solution I can think of is to disconnect all of your cameras and then connect them one by one over ethernet and see how stable they are. For some reason these particular cameras seem very sensitive to network issues, I have a VERY long post about my own particular problems, which I fortunately seem to have solved.

    Good luck - once up and running the picture quality is excellent so I am sure you will be happy.
  • chubsta, thanks.

    agree on your points. I did a speedtest from the server and it was about 10% of available bandwidth. Turned off SS and the speed went back up. They are all wirelessly connected and I don't have a work-around. I'll turn the cameras off one at a time to see if I have one that is dragging it down.
  • Not certain if this Reolink, Orbi (my network) or SS.

    I disabled all the cameras. Enabling just one camera I still get the same results (99,999, 8xx's). Activity monitor says the Network is around 500kbs which doesn't seem like that is enough to cause a problem.

    I did notice that my firmware was down level on the cameras so I updated all three.

    While SS is getting the error and I get the "timeout" or "error" screen, I can see the camera just fine using the URL to access the reolink app.

    I did find that changing the camera address in SS to using the IP vs UID seems to be more reliable but not completely.

    When I change certain settings in SS (ie: Audio Device - switch from "this network device" to "none"), then Apply Preferences, the camera gets "Unexpected data" then I lose it for several minutes. I can sometimes speed this up by disabling the camera within SS then enabling.

    The setup I have seems to be very fragile.

  • Update:

    + The last 12 hours have had reduced errors. Only one camera is having a problem. The only difference that I am seeing is how it is connected. The two working cameras are connected at 2.4GHz vs the the one throwing errors is connected at 5GHz.

    I'm beginning to think that the errors are coming from when the cameras switch frequencies. The 5GHz provides faster data rates at a shorter distance while the 2.4GHz offers coverage for farther distances, but may perform at slower speeds but all cameras are within 20' of a WAP so I would think that distance wouldn't be an issue.

    I'm going to try and reduce the strength of the 2.4GHz signal to 25% forcing them to stay at 5Ghz and see how that goes.

    + The other thing I see is that the errors seem to happen after a legitimate alert: camera is triggered, sends email with photos then shortly afterwards I see an error from another camera. This would seem to indicate that my network is not able to handle the extra traffic. Frustrating as I don't have any tools to say what is going on inside the house and who is using the bandwidth.

    If anybody has a recommendation of a cheap or free tool/utility for monitoring my internal network, would be appreciated.
  • chubsta,

    Similar to your situation, my Reolink cameras do not work well with wireless. After further examination, my errors seem to be coming from a "network strength" issue vs a bandwidth problem. When I look at the signal strength within the reolink app I am getting two bars or less. This is strange as other devices (further away) are getting full bars. I understand that "bars" indicator can be misleading but after I moved the Orbi satellite closer to the camera the bars went up and the connection issue for that camera is better (still getting a few throughout the day).

    Wired is not an option so I'll look at either another satellite (around $200) or sell the Reolinks on eBay and buy another type of camera.

    If anybody in the Forum has a recommendation for a strong wireless camera, I would appreciate it.

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