Local copy not saving into folders
  • The "local copy" option in the current beta is quite useful. Now I can send continuous captures to a default folder, while the motion-sensitive captures go to my "local copy" Sync folder so they are uploaded to the cloud.

    However, my motion captures (specified to send movies and jpgs to the "local copy" folder) are not categorized by date like the default folder for my continuous captures does for me. It sends them to a proper camera subfolder, but it puts all the files into the camera folder loose, rather than in individual subfolders by date.

    Is there something I overlooked in my excitement to check out this amazing new feature?
  • Currently, the copy/upload feature does not create separate folders on the destination to split files into separate days. However I can see that this would be a useful feature, so we will have a look at adding this option in a future update.

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