Historical captures
  • Hi,

    I leave continuous capture on 24/7 and create new files on the hour. I am sure SS used to store all the previous historical captures until 'delete old files by age' kicked in. Now all I have listed is the current hour of recordings. After that hour has passed the recording is seemingly lost.

    I don't really want to use an 'upload' server, but is this the only way to retain old data?

  • Mine are never auto-deleted, they just sit there until I manually empty the folder..
  • Hi gr4z - it sounds like free space is running so low on your drive that files are being automatically deleted soon after creation. Compare the free space on the drive ("Get Info" on the drive in the Finder) with the auto-deletion settings in SecuritySpy under Preferences - General to check this.

    If you are indeed running out of space, see if you can delete some unneeded files to clear space on the drive, or buy a new external drive for SecuritySpy. You can also change the thresholds at which SecuritySpy starts removing old files, but don't set these too low (you should keep at least a few GB free to keep the drive performing well).

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