Feature request - prevent screen lock
  • I often watch my cameras on my iPhone and ipad, both of which are set to screen lock after 1 minute, this means I have to either interact with it or set it to ,never, in settings.

    Would it be possible to add a toggle to the security spy settings so that the screen doesn’t lock when the app is being viewed?

  • The SecuritySpy iOS app prevents screen lock when live-viewing an individual camera, as well as in Multiplex mode - would either of these viewing modes work for you? On the first live screen showing all the cameras, screen lock is currently not prevented, so the best option in this case would be to simply increase the lock time in the phone settings under Display & Brightness.
  • Thanks, looks like it is worth paying for the app then, I must admit I haven't as I couldn't really see what I would gain by doing so, but this would make it worthwhile...

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