Trigger Motion Detection permission (and URL?)
  • Hi All.

    I'm trying to setup a Doorbird cam; and it can do an HTTP call. So I'm trying to setup an user in SecuritySpy; but only if I give it admin I can call the ++triggermd?cameraNum=X without getting an 401. When I create a user with custom permissions and only "Trigger Motion Detection" it gives an 401.

    Additionally is there by any chance an url without ++ (the IOS app for Doorbird replaces these with spaces - report filed with them).

  • Hi Stijn,

    The permissions problem is a bug, sorry about that. It's fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.4b11). Please confirm.

    As for the URL, the + symbol is a perfectly valid character to use in a URL. We use the ++ prefix to denote dynamically-generated resources, as opposed to resources that come from template files, to avoid naming conflicts. Is there a way round this in the Doorbird cam?
  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks I'll try the beta shortly; I'm pending feedback from Doorbird. My initial experience is not positive. The only response on the initial item was that they have many integrations. They didn't even comment on their bug with regards to the + replacement with space.

    You are absolutely right it's perfectly allowed to use a + in the URL; I guess they have a bug as in the data in a get often + is indeed replaced by a space, but not in the URL part. I hope they will fix. Otherwise I need to find an other way to trigger motion by a press of the doorbell.

  • Hi Ben,

    I'm just trying 4.2.4B11 and maybe I'm doing something stupid. But I gave this user only rights on the "Deurbel" cam, which seems to be cam 0. But even if I give it "Trigger motion detection" on the "ALL CAMERAS" it doesn't work either.

    Not sure how to add screenshots here. But if needed please see:

    P.S. No update from Doorbird yet..

    Thx once again,
  • Hi Stijn,

    Your screenshot shows the username in curl being specified as "doordbird", but the username in SecuritySpy being specified as "doorbird" - so it looks like you have an extra "d" character in the username being supplied to curl. If you make sure that this (and the password) is correct, then it should work.

    As for the URL encoding, it sounds like the Doorbird app is just decoding everything blindly, even when it shouldn't be.

    So, try specifying the request as %2B%2Btriggermd?cameraNum=0 - %2B is the url-encoded representation of the + symbol, so if you specify %2B%2Btriggermd, then the Doorbird should decode this to ++triggermd.

    Does that work?
  • Hi Ben,

    Apologies the screenshot had indeed a typo.... (I warned that I might be doing something stupid.) and maybe I'm still doing something stupid. Re-checking the username/password another 5 times I'm sure I had it right this time.

    But when I give trigger motion on 1 camera, as opposed to "ALL Camera's" then it doesn't work for me, still 401. When I grant Trigger motion on "ALL Camera's" then it works fine. So it seems fixed for All Camera's and not for one camera.

    Now I'm fine with this; I'm more then happy to grant one user right to trigger motion on all cam's. Just FYI.

    For doorbird, no response yet. I tried to but in %2B via their APP, which didn't work as then it's sending %2B.. But I'm now trying their API to see if I can find any encoding way to make it accept the ++. to be continued.

    Thanks once again!

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