Trigger recording WITHOUT motion
  • Is there a way to trigger a recording on demand without using the trigger motion command (++triggermd)? I have the trigger motion commands do specific actions on my home automation system (alerting, alarms, etc.) when i have perimeter security set. what i want is to be able to record a short clip when anyone enters the house without actually triggering all the alerting even if the perimeter alarm is set off. i have coded this in my home automation controller, but can't figure a clean way to trigger recording without using the trigger motion command. my thought for now was to trigger continuous recording and after a few seconds turn it off, but thought i would check to see if there was a cleaner way to tell a single camera "hey, record everything for the next 10 seconds"
  • The method you suggest using continuous-capture recording should work well.

    Alternatively, you could add the camera twice to SecuritySpy so that you have two instances showing in the software, and use the second instance for recording in motion-capture mode. Arm motion-capture mode for this second instance, and issue a single ++triggermd command when you want to record a short clip.

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