Problem of Live View Fail in cameras HIKVISION
  • Hello good day.
    I would like to ask you the following, I have problems to visualize outside my local network .. I have a fixed, a Cisco router where I have ports 80,8000,554,443 open pointing to the local ip of my dvr hikvision. Before you could see normal but now I can only enter the interface I am asked for username, password and normal but when I want to see live I get the error of live view fail and with application does not work either, it is worth noting that if I leave it open the AP to moments I see only one camera and after a while 2 leave and then error comes out. and so .. I think that maybe it's a firewall configuration that was activated by accident in my network and is blocking me. I hope you help me.
    Thank you.
    sorry my english is not very good
  • Hi - sorry but I'm not sure if we can help you - this forum is for Ben Software Ltd's software products, the main one of which is SecuritySpy, which is CCTV software for the Mac. It sounds like you are connecting to the Hikvision DVR directly over the internet with a web browser.

    General advice would be: restart your router and restart your DVR. If you have any Hikvision browser plugins, delete these and reinstall. Then try again. It sounds to me like you have the correct ports open.

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