"Auto kill" VTDecoderXPCService?
  • I have two iMacs, both the same spec, suffering the gradual CPU load issue of the app VTDecoderXPCService using more and more system resource. Overnight it caused both machines to shut down.

    I understand that the devs are aware of the issue, although it seems as it's so rare and sporadic that it's proving hard to pin down, so in the meantime, I'm wondering if there is a way to auto kill VTDecoderXPCService when it's CPU load gets to a certain point?

    I'm not overly techie, but I think I might be able to do this using a "script"?

    If this is possible, would someone be able to help me implement it? And, does doing this have any adverse effect on SS?

  • I use keyboard maestro to quit and auto launch security spy at the top of each hour. Seams to work for me.
  • Ideally I'd rather not go that way, unless I have to.
  • I have no worked out the VTDecoderXPCService overload issue happens when SS has an issue with one of the cams. I seem to get the odd "can't decompress" or connection dropped warnings, at this point VTDecoderXPCService seems to go into overload.

    I have searched the forums for ways to minimse the issue, but my instinct is it's down to the use of cheaper cams, and I'm not going to be changing them anytime soon (they do the job!), so the best way forward for me is some sort of auto kill on VTDecoderXPCService when it hits a certain percentage.

    @ben is this possible?
  • The easiest way to achieve this would be to use Cronnix to schedule the following command every hour:

    killall VTDecoderXPCService

    However I would't necessarily recommend this, as it may have unexpected effects in SecuritySpy (probably limited to temporary decoding problems or corruption). If you implement this, it would be interesting to get your feedback on whether this works OK or not.
  • Thanks Ben. As mentioned on the other thread since upgrading one of the two machines with this problem to HS the problem has ceased. So, I was going to upgrade second machine today. In an effort to test your idea though I won't just yet, instead I'll follow your suggestion and report back the findings.

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