9th Cam Licence Question
  • Hi - I have a spare wifi cam that I'd like to use to monitor my electricity meter, which is in a very inconvenient place. The supplier I'm with want a monthly reading, which involves me crawling around and taking an iphone picture.

    The issue here is that I have an 8-cam licence and there doesn't seem to be a way of adding a single other cam.

    As a feature request, please could you add pay-as-you-go licencing for extra cameras? Especially useful when there's a cost gap between price points - for me, upgrading to a 16cam licence is WAY overkill.
  • Any additional cameras over and above your license limit can be added in "view-only" mode. So you can't record from them (or view them remotely), but you can view their live video feeds in SecuritySpy itself. It sounds like this would be a good solution for you?
  • Just want to second (well, 10,000th) this feature request. It's absolutely ridiculous to charge hundreds in order to add a 9th camera. I realise the software is very useful, and having a cost per license on par with the cost of the hardware is just about defensible, but there's got to be a better way to structure sales

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