Reolink cameras, opinions?
  • Hey everyone,

    I’ve always had Foscam cameras, but I’m looking to upgrade my outdoor camera from 720p to something higher,

    Looking at the list of compatible cameras, the Reolink caught my eye, as it has high resolution and a big sensor. Specifically the RLC-411ws.

    After having the Foscams for years, I think it’s time to try something new as Foscams picture quality isn’t that great.

    Anyone have Reolink cameras and want to offer their unbiased opinion on quality of video? I’ve read they’re hard to seti
    Up, but so are the Foscams. I generally just connect to my router, sniff out the right IP address and configure via my browser, since Foscsn’s iOS app isn’t very good,

    Any insight would be great. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi,
    I have just added Reolink RLC 410 to my list of recommended cameras that I install through my security business.
    The picture quality is very good for the money, and they are very easy to setup both through the reolink software and obviously through security spy.
    I will be testing some more reolink cameras to expand my listings as the 410 proved to be very good.
    I also recommend Wansview, extremely good value for money and have used them for past 3 years. Probably installed over 100 cameras in that time, and yet to be called back to replace any, only to add more.

  • I'm not too familiar with Reolink cameras, though I have heard from many customers who are using them successfully.

    If you are looking for a low-cost camera, have a look at Dahua, Hikvision or Amcrest, these are good value, reliable and work well with SecuritySpy.
  • I’m less concerned with cost than quality. The Foscam just aren’t cutting it anymore for outdoor cameras. Even at 50’ I cant read a license plate.

    I’ll check out the reviews of those other cameras you mentioned.
  • For a quality outdoor camera, the best options are as follows:

    - Sunba: very nice quality and good value; outstanding PTZ features.

    - Vivotek dome: plenty of options and various lens configurations.

    - Hikvision / Dahua / Zavio bullet/dome cameras (though note that Hikvision and Dahua have such big ranges and the quality does vary - make sure to get one with good specifications, specifically auto-iris lens and good low-light sensitivity).

    - Axis (all their cameras are good quality, though most are indoor).

    I would avoid Foscam (just my opinion). Amcrest are good value (because they are very cheap) but not as good quality than the models mentioned above.
  • I wanted to replace two old outdoor cameras with wide-angle units and chose the Reolink RLC-411 (I was also converting to POE). The camera has optical zoom capability but I'm using them as wide-angle only. They've been good performers and I'll probably add at least one more.
  • I have the Reolink RLC-410 and the picture quality is great, far better than my other cameras. It set up very easily with SS.
  • After a couple of months running Reolink 410 cameras I cannot recommend them highly enough - picture quality is great, I am running 2304x1296 but they go as high as 2560x1440 @30fps, and seem to be 100% compatible with SS. They are also low on resources and I am seeing 10.6% processor usage on my Late 2013 iMac (I also have another 1080p camera running).

    A quick tip - when I first used the cameras I was disappointed to see the fps drop to 12fps at night, I contacted their Customer services and got a very quick and detailed reply (anyone who has ever bought a Chinese product will know how unexpected that was!) as follows:

    'The Reolink cameras will automatically drop the FPS to 12 during the night time to ensure enough exposure time so that you will have a bright image, to increase FPS during the night time, please change the advance settings using the Reolink client software:
    Please go to Advanced Settings, change the Exposure to Anti-smearing, lower the shutter value to 0~32ms. To get a full 30fps, please also disable 3D-NR.'

    And it worked, so if anyone else is having the fps issue I would try that first.

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