Dericam PTZ Presets
  • Any suggestions on how to get SS to use the PTZ presets of Dericam's S1 outdoor and P2 indoor (same as FDT FD8901?) cameras?

    While there's no specific SS profile for them, they work well with the ONVIF profile, with one exception: SS can't call (or set) their PTZ preset positions. The video stream works great, and manual PTZ control generally works, too. It's just the presets that don't work with the ONVIF profile.

    Dericam does (or did) publish their full CGI interface & RTSP specs, including how to call & set the PTZ presets (and control speed, etc.). I can't find it now on their website, but have it from a CD that came with one of my cameras. E.g.:
    -- /cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi?cmd=preset&-act=goto&-number=1
    -- /cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi?cmd=preset&-act=set&-status=1&-number=1

    I've put the API spec up on Dropbox in case anyone wants to take a look (there's no copyright notice): ( Camera CGI & RTSP User Guide v1.0.2.pdf?dl=0).

    These cheap little cameras perform remarkably well: 1080p, H.264, RTSP, IR and WiFi, with excellent picture quality. The PTZ is a little slow & imprecise, and the optical zoom on the outdoor S1 is only 4x (the indoor P2 is PT only), but it works. Their PTZ & optics are nothing like the high-end Sony SNC PTZ cameras I have, but the Sonys are low-res, and cost well over $1,000 for the cameras, plus over $1,000 for their outdoor housings & mounts. The Dericams are only ~$60 for the indoor P2 and ~$130 for the outdoor (IP65) S1 (on Amazon)—less than 10% the cost of the Sonys. I got them for temporary use in a few spots, and so far have been quite pleased with them.
  • The only reason why this wouldn't work is if the camera doesn't correctly implement the ONVIF commands for setting and recalling presets.

    Here's something you can try:

    - Make sure you're using the latest version of SecuritySpy.

    - Go to Preferences -> Cameras -> Device.

    - Click the "Auto-Detect Profiles" button. After this process completes, you will have a list of all the profiles that work with your camera.

    - Try each one in turn (make sure to click the "Apply Preferences" button each time), and see if the presets work.

    You may have some luck with one of the Foscam profiles.
  • Thanks, Ben. That did the trick: The Foscam FI9820W profile (first one I tried) works great, presets & all.

    "Auto-Detect Profiles" came up with the same 11 that work with both the Dericam S1 & P2: 3 Foscam (the FI9820W via H.264, the other 2 JPEG HTTP); 2 ONVIF (RTSP TCP & UDP); 3 more H.264 (Instar, Wansview & Zoneway); and 3 others via JPEG HTTP (Astak Mole, EasyN & Tenvis). Several of them also work with the Dericam presets, but I'm sticking with the Foscam FI9820W profile.

    Thanks, —D.

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