Presets not working
  • HI
    I have 2 makes of cameras running on my system, and none of them will store any presets for the camera positions.
    All other functions work perfectly, including the "home" preset.
    I have tried setting the presets via each camera individually, and although the presets work through the cameras' own software, nothing works through SS.
    Pan/tilt/zoom all work very well.....

    Any ideas?
  • What are the exact makes and models of these cameras?

    Are you using the latest version of SecuritySpy?
  • I’m getting this exact issue myself. It’s a generic camera off ebay but it identifies itself as a "IPC-D41000-BS series” on its config page. I’m using the most recent version of SecuritySpy (v4.23) on macOS 10.11.6. PTZ control works perfectly. It lets me save a preset as best I’m aware.. holding down option and clicking on the number.. it depresses and then returns. Selecting the preset results in no movement of the camera. The alt key is fully working and works for other items.

    It also doesn’t move when using the SecuritySpy app on iOS. (Also out of interest is there a way of setting presets on the app? If not would be nice.. perhaps just press and hold on the selector for the preset you want?)

    Unfortunately this is the only PTZ camera I have at present so I have no way of testing with another model.
  • I've got a new Reolink RLC-423S camera that is having the same issue with presets. They work fine in the Reolink Mac or iOS app, but don't work in the SecuritySpy app. I can create (name) presets, but no PTZ data seems to get written into the preset and none can be recalled. The named presets do appear in the iOS app, but also don't retrieve any PTZ position info.
  • Yes, this is strange because my friend has the same camera with such problem and he can't fix it. Even in service center nobody has helped him
  • Just downloaded latest update and presets still don't work. Wondering if there is a file somewhere I can delete to reset these presets. I should note that the install app asked me if it could "delete preferences" which would have removed all settings. I declined.
  • I am getting the exact same issue.
    Its a VStarcam C38S. I can control PTZ with SSpy.
    I just cannot set any presets via SSpy.
    The web interface does offer 16 presets which can be set and called, however not from SSpy.
    Other PTZ seem to work fine (Tenvis3s).
    It IS the latest SSpy (4.2.6) but it has been a pain for awhile.
    Its a shame because this camera does have awesome quality images. Only downside is I have had to block its propensity to phone home to China.
    Only really bothering now as I had a camera fail and looking to replace it.

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