iOS app not showing new camera
  • I just added a new camera (we'll be using it as a baby monitor) and it's working fine on my desktop, but the iOS app doesn't recognize the new camera.

    I tried quitting the app on my phone and iPad as well as restarting my phone, but it's still just showing the other 4 cameras.

    Is there possibly a delay in showing the new camera?
  • This sounds like a permissions issue - go to Preferences -> Web in SecuritySpy and double-click on the user account you are using in the iOS app. Make sure the user account has the correct permissions that allow access to the new camera. Then quit and re-open the app on your iOS device (or simply go back to the list of servers and then back into the server in question), and you should see the new camera.
  • It's got all access to everything.

    I think I figured it out though; I only have 4 licenses, and this is the 5th camera I added. I never noticed it because the macOS version doesn't seem to enforce the licensing limit, but the iOS app seems to respect it.

    I'll test more later by removing a camera and see if that fixes it up. If it does, I'll upgrade my license so we can use the new baby cam.
  • Yep, confirmed. The macOS version doesn't limit your cameras by license, but the iOS version does.

    I turned off one camera on my Mac, and the "missing" camera popped right up into the iOS app.

    Looks like it's time to either upgrade or decide we only need 4 cameras.
  • The MacOS version DOES enforce it, albeit nicely.

    You can VEW extra cameras on your host Mac, but cannot do anything else with them. For examples -- viewing the extra cameras on a web browser or IOS device, recording won't work.
  • Yes, @guykuo is correct. SecuritySpy on macOS allows viewing-only for free, so that users can use additional copies of SecuritySpy as viewing software for their main SecuritySpy server for free.

    If you want to do anything else with these extra cameras (e.g. recording or viewing via the web server or iOS app) then you will need a license to cover them.
  • May be the user account that you have setup for viewing the camera is a member of a group with limited access. This group has view access only for cameras and recordings. When you added the new camera, it did not automatically add the new camera to the group permissions.

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