Foscam IP cameras: no more PTZ control?
  • Hi,

    I am (finally) upgrading my SecuritySpy 3 to version 4.1.6. First of all in version 4.1.6 the number of Foscam profiles has reduce to only 6. I use models FI8918W (PTZ) (3 of those), TV-IP312W, FI-9821P and FI-9828P. While the previous versions of SS did not have several of these cams in the profile list I managed to get them all to work (including PTZ). Unfortunately the new SS does not seem to support Pan/Tilt for any. The only profile that seems to work is "Foscam JPEG".
    Any idea how I can solve this problem?

  • correction: the above TV-IP are of course Trendnet cams (which are still included in the list of profiles). The main problem is with the Foscam FI9821 which seems to have disappeared. I tried H264 but no luck.

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