URL not working
  • I can get to my server anywhere in the world via IP address, so I know it's not a routing issue with my firewall.

    However, the URL I have setup isn't working. It times out eventually.

    I'm hoping to use the DDNS, as I've recently started using a VPN and never know what my public IP address will be.

    Any pointers on how I can troubleshoot this?
  • Hi Mike,

    There are no problems with our DDNS system at this time.

    I've just tested your name and I can connect to your SecuritySpy server just fine (though of course I can't log on so don't worry about that). So everything appears to be working. Could you please try again? If you continue to have problems, please email us.
  • I think it was the VPN I was testing not forwarding the proper port. I've found a different VPN with better flexibility and will use that (when necessary) moving forward.

    Thanks for checking!

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