• I just upgraded to the newest version of Security Spy from an older one. I was using 2.23 and had no troubles with that except that I was only able to do 3 cameras instead of 4 but that is a problem with my old Axis Server. So I install the new paid upgrade and start the new version. I input all the old information and I can't get the new one to work at all. I am using the newest version system software on my mac mini. Im using 10.12.5 Sierra. I can't for the life of me figure out what is missing to make this work.

    Pete :)
  • Hi Pete, there's most likely a simple fix, but we'll need more information in order to help you with this.

    Things to check (under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device):

    - Make sure the address entered is correct.
    - Make sure to use the appropriate Axis profile (if it's an older Axis video server, this is probably going to be the "Axis (JPEG and MPEG-4)" profile.
    - Make sure to enter the correct username and password.

    If you're still having problems, please email us and include screenshots of the cameras' setup in SecuritySpy. Also include SecuritySpy's log (File menu -> Open Log).

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