Audio volume of network cameras really low
  • Hi,

    I've just noticed that the audio level that is being recorded by SecuritySpy on my Samsung Smartcams seems to be much lower than the recordings that Samsungs app. I crank the volume up in the cameras settings app, that makes the Samsung recordings very loud but the SecuritySpy version is really low.

    What do you think could be causing it?

    Is there a way I can adjust the gain/audio volume for network cameras in SS?

    Cheers, Andy
  • Hi Andy, there is currently no way to adjust the incoming volume from network cameras.

    In what circumstance are you finding that the audio is too low: when hearing the live audio on your Mac, when hearing the live audio via our iOS app, or when playing back captured footage (or all of these)?
  • Hi Ben

    Its all of them that produce the same volume level.

    Cheers, Andy
  • Hi Andy,

    In this case, it must be that the audio coming into SecuritySpy in the first place is low volume. I'll see what we can do in SecuritySpy about this, however really it sounds like a camera issue - are you sure there are no additional controls in the camera's settings to boost the audio level? Most have these, but I know the firmware on these "SmartCam" cameras is really not that smart!

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