Capture destination reverts to default location after restart of application in 4.1.6
  • configurations revert to default capture location after a restart of application in 4.1.6: setting for an different drive Capture destination reverts to default location after restart of application in 4.1.6, as long as I do not quit & re-lauch security spy app setting are persistent.
  • Scared me for a moment, that would have filled my system disk and left my external drive empty!

    Not seeing that on a new high-end Mac Mini running 10.12.5 and SS 4.1.6

    Just another datapoint, I believe it's happening for you. What's the capture location you are trying to set? If it's an external drive, what are it's details?
  • If it isn't a problem with destination then maybe corruption of or permissions issue with the preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/com.bensoftware.SecuritySpy.plist)
    could try checking permissions allow write by the user running SecuritySpy.
    If that doesn't work this is more work but could help isolate the issue
    -try quitting SecuritySpy, moving pref file to desktop, then starting up S.S. again, will have to enter in at least one test camera and destination then test quitting and starting up again to see if the setting sticks. If there is no fix/change, you can put the original preference file back in place with no loss
  • This isn't a know problem with 4.1.6 - you are the first person to report it. Could you please let me know what type of drive it is, and how it's connected? If it's a NAS, make sure you have enabled AFP (Apple File Protocol) in the NAS, and it is correctly mounted in the Finder.

    If SecuritySpy can't find a custom capture destination for any reason, it will report this to the log with some more information, so check this (File menu -> Open Log). Subsequently, SecuritySpy will keep checking for the re-appearance of the custom capture destination and will switch back to it if it comes back online.
  • FWIW I had the same issue after restarting 4.1.6 - instead of logging to my (local USB-attached) Drobo, it reset logging to ~/SecuritySpy/Captured\ Files. Changing it back to the Drobo worked fine, then I moved all the errantly-captured files to the Drobo.

    There's nothing in the SecuritySpy log file aside from the occasional camera timeout.

    I *did* have an old ~/Documents/SecuritySpy/Captured\ Files folder .. perhaps 4.1.6 assumed that folder was the capture folder, and "helpfully" moved it out of ~/Documents ?

    I hadn't realized SecuritySpy would switch back to a custom destination once it came back online. That's really useful. Although I suppose any captured files wouldn't move too?
  • We'll do some more testing here to see if there is a particular problem with this when upgrading to 4.1.6, but so far we haven't found any such problems. 4.1.6 does move the SecuritySpy folder from the Documents folder to the Home folder, so it's conceivable that this change is related to what you are both reporting.

    As for SecuritySpy switching back to the custom capture destination automatically - you are correct that any captured files won't be moved (this would require a copy operation, which would duplicate the files).

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