OpenALPR - Automated License Plate Recognition Integration
  • Hi all - thought I would share this here. I have been playing with openALPR ( and have written the following script that I use to announce arrival and track vehicle presence state.

    It logs date/time of the plates and maintains a state file with the current inventory of whatever the viewing area of the camera is.

    It also has a really rudimentary area to take actions based on appearance of a specific plate/driver.

    I trigger this via action for motion capture on my camera inside my garage - I am sure you can think of lots more uses, and could make the script quite a bit better. Please submit PR's if you do! Let me know what you think.
  • Thanks for submitting this - it looks great! I'm sure this will be helpful for other users.
  • Its been updated - it can run standalone with --daemon --interval=X where X is the number of seconds to wait to process stills. Anyone else playing with or looking at this project? Would love to have someone to collaborate with.

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