Captured movie files too large
  • I tried to change quality, frame rates etc. But the recorded movie files of motion detections (one per day) are still to large, up to 10 GB per day. And I have 8 cams. I am forced to delete the movies after 2 days. I remember with the older versions of SS (3.xx) I didn't have these large movie files recorded, and there I could even record for several weeks without having to delete files.
    How can I solve this problem? I don't need high performance movies at all but even reducing resolution in the camera settings to the minimum the movies still remain huge GB.
    Thx for any help.
  • I would recommend keeping the resolution at maximum, but reducing the frame rate if you need to save CPU or disk space. You can make these settings changes via the cameras' web interfaces by logging on to them with a web browser (e.g. Safari).

    The other thing to check is that the cameras are streaming H.264 video to SecuritySpy, and that SecuritySpy is recording this directly to disk without recompression.

    To check that the cameras are streaming in H.264 format, open the Camera Info window and enable the Format tab (click on the header where you see the column names for a menu that allows you to add/remove columns).

    To make sure the SecuritySpy is not recompressing video, check that the "Recompress video data" option is turned off for all cameras, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device.
  • With things setup the way Ben recommends here is what I get for filesizes:
    At Night my 720p H.264 cameras generates files about 40-50MB (IR), during the day it's 200-370 MB per hour of video
  • Which is the best frame rate? 5 / 10 / ...
    I cannot find anything more I could reduce. All my settings accord to what you already suggested. I capture motion detection (without mask) one movie per day and each file reaches up to 10 GB per movie and I have 8 cameras with the same settings.
    Capture rate: 10 frames per second
    Precapture 5 sec.
    Post-capture 10 sec.
  • Hi @heimchen it's best if you reduce the frame rate until you are getting the size of the captured footage down to an acceptable level for your purposes (but I wouldn't recommend going less than 5fps).

    Your file sizes do sound rather large, did you go through my advice above to check that you are recording in H.264 format?

    Another thing to check: if you are finding that you are getting a lot of false-positive detections, which are bloating the files, try increasing the "trigger time" setting in SecuritySpy.
  • Thx @Ben for your advice. I think I really have to increase trigger time settings.

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