Feature request: Support Amazon Show for viewing live video streams
  • I don't know if the Amazon Show will ship only to the US initially, but they announced a skills and API kit for integrating live video and at least one IP Camera vendor has done it:

  • Here's the actual Amazon Skills tech info:


    According to the press releases of the last few days, the Amazon Show will ship with IP Video support from several camera vendors including Amcrest. Not much detail on the specifics yet.
  • The ability to show on the "Show" the all cameras page would be great
  • I've got it working with my Amcrest IP Camera and it works ok. The biggest limitation that it goes through Amcrest cloud service so if you don't have a subscription (I don't, as SecuritySpy is much better) they only give you 2 hours a month of streaming.

    I think the only obstacle here is that the Amazon skills architecture uses OAuth for password/authentication so a 3rd party skill must have at least a minimal cloud-based server (on AWS or equiv) to handle the OAuth.

    Probably the easiest way to show an "all cameras" page would be for SecuritySpy to synthesize a virtual camera stream which is a composited view of all cameras and then expose it as a single stream to the Echo Show (or other viewers).
  • Yea I’d love to see this as well.
  • Yeah, I got it working right away with Amcrest cloud. In addition to their cloud fees, the skill seems to get stuck or take a long time to respond. Usually, I have to issue the command, see the "Waiting for Amcrest..." on the screen, then tell Alexa to stop and re-issue the command.

    It is some problem withe spin-up of Amcrest Lambda skill and connection back to Amcrest cloud, but I really don't care.

    The SecuritySpy "synthesized camera" is what would be great. That would limit the driver/compatibility issues to simply getting a camera into SecuritySpy once SecuritySpy itself can be hooked into Amazon.

    It is up to Ben, but a minimal monthly charge/subscription to support the AWS authentication server would be ok with me.

    Maybe the Amazon architecture doesn't allow the video to flow locally on the lan? If it has to loop through a 3rd party cloud server than that creates all kinds of cost and bandwidth issues so I would understand the reluctance to devote too much energy to this feature which is nice, but not a big priority.
  • Well I also agree that it would be great to just tell Alexa to show you a page view of all of your cameras or just one camera at a time... I am working on getting my home camera system set up and purchasing a NAS. I already had the Fire TV cube and loving it.

    Is this something that the developers are thinking of doing?
  • Oh! An Echo Show! I just got an Echo Spot. Both have screens and I am actively trying to figure out how to get my camera(s) displayed on there, and considering exchanging up to the Echo Show.

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