Surprising but Happy Camera Cleaning Finding
  • My poor cameras that are directly exposed to rain, snow and sun all eventually get bad water spots.
    I've done all sorts of cleaning ranging from microfiber & Formula MC-1 (a very good camera filter cleaning solution), windex, vinegar soaking, rubbing with Bar Keeper's Friend, and even cerium oxide on the front cover glass.

    When the water spots are really stubborn, nothing would work except cerium oxide.

    Today, I was doing the post winter clean. A couple cameras needed service so I had them in my work room. They were the ones with the worst, stubborn water spotting over the years. I expected to do a cerium oxide session. Those I really don't like since the stuff is harder than glass. Tried something else first.

    Nearly all the water spotting came off with ------ Kim Wipes + rubbing alcohol.

    That's right the little wipes you used in chemistry lab did the trick. Somehow it has the right degree of scrubbing ability to rub those water spots off when wetted with just rubbing alcohol. Just rubbed wet and buffed until dry. The degree of spotting remaining was optically insignificant. Who would have guessed Kim Wipes would work?

    Thought this might be useful for someone else.
  • Very useful, I hadn't heard of this solution - thanks for posting!

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