Upload Webcam image with motion
  • I am currently uploading images of an osprey nest every 3min to a website using the "upload and replace image on server" function. This works great. However, instead of doing this based on time, I would like to capture 1 image, when motion is detected, then upload and replace the current image on the server. I don't see an obvious way to do this. Is it possible to do this using applescript?
  • I found that this script works:

    tell application "SecuritySpy"
    capture image camera number 0 as "/Volumes/Security Spy/SecuritySpy Captured Files/Osprey/osprey1.jpg" with overwrite
    end tell

    An FTP program can be used to upload this image to a server for my website. The end result is my website displays the most recent, motion triggered image, from my webcam.

    This script compiles fine, but does not trigger motion:

    tell application "SecuritySpy"
    set motion camera number 0
    end tell

    Best would be if I could use SecuritySpy's FTP upload capability to be triggered by motion
  • In the Upload section of Settings you can define FTP/SFTP servers.
    In the motion section for "Image capture" you can choose "Upload to" then the server you configured earlier. You'd likely also have to have some other settings like Post-Capture to 0 seconds. Frequency would be the delay between uploaded frames - which depends on how often you want the image on the server updated... 30 seconds? 60 seconds? 3 minutes (180 seconds)?

  • So the issue is that with images, you can upload and ....specify the name of the file. This can be used to constantly update a static image that is displayed on a website; the key is that the file name is always the same.

    The problem is that SS does not offer this same capability for movie files. Yes they can be uploaded, but the name cannot be specified. My web software wants a specific .m4v file to be designated. SS sends the file with a predetermined name.
    The solution

    Use Automater to rename movie files and move them to a new folder, replacing any file that is already there. Use an FTP client to watch this folder and upload to the web server. This is a very simple Automator action, and it works automatically

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