Use as Baby Monitor - detect sound
  • I'm trying to figure out the best way to give myself a Push Notification when a camera detects sound (rather than motion).

    I think what I want is to check the Motion Triggers: Audio Level Detection setting, set the Audio input to the Network device, and that'll trigger Actions when there's audio, right? Do I need to have Motion Capture on for the Audio to work?

    I'm looking for audio only at this point because I don't want a notification every time the baby rolls over or flaps her arm, but I do want to know if she's crying.

    I can handle the Push Notification through either or AppleScript (though a native Push Notification would be swell in the future).
  • Indeed, you need to enable the "Audio level detection" option under "Motion triggers" in Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup. This works independently from the "Video motion detection" feature, which can be switched off.

    Our iOS app now supports notifications natively, so all you need to do is download it to your iOS device, and enable notifications in the app, as described in the Notifications section of the SecuritySpy iOS app user guide.

    Then, when a notification comes in to your iOS device, simply swipe right on it to open the camera in the SecuritySpy iOS app to view the live video and audio.

    Hope this helps!

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