PTZ - step size and focus
  • Ben, I'm trialing SS and am very impressed so far, however I have two "issues" I was hoping you could advise on please.

    I have an Acti B96 PTZ camera that works well with SS except in PTZ controls have a very large step size when panning. At the zoomed out position the step size is fine however when I zoom in the large panning step size means I can't pan to the spot I want to see. On the native Acti web interface it's possible to alter the step size to smaller increments - is panning step size something that can be added to SS?

    Is it also possible to add a focus control to the PTZ control as focus usually changes when zooming and enabling Auto focus on the Acti isn't reliable at night?
  • Could you please tell me if you are using the ONVIF profile or the ACTi profile? A PTZ speed control is already implemented for the former, but not the latter. It may be possible to implement this for the ACTi profile too.

    As for focus, this isn't a feature we are planning I'm afraid, because typically cameras either have fixed focus or auto focus, therefore this is very rarely requested by customers.
  • Thanks Ben, no I'm not using onvif as I couldn't get it to work ... by the way I had a LOT of trouble trying to get my Acti to work with SS - in the end I had to manually enter what are the default ports (80 and 7070) and it then worked .. I'm not sure what ports it uses for onvif so I may google that and try onvif ... Thanks
  • OK, so you're using the "ACTi" profile in SecuritySpy, right? It's strange that the camera is using port 7070 - is this the camera's standard port for RTSP? I don't know why camera manufacturers can't just stick to standard ports!
  • Yes Ben, I'm using Acti profile - and yes in the config page for the camera it has 7070 for the RTSP port ... I'm doing a scan of all ports now on the camera to see if I can find the onvif port - I'm not sure what the "default" is supposed to be
  • Well the onvif port is supposed to be 80 but I can't get SS to work with the onvif profile. I can get it working on manual profile however PZT isn't available ... looks like I'm out of luck and will have to use the acti profile :(
  • I downloaded this ONVIF Device Manager windows program which allows me to access the camera via onvif including PTZ so now I'm totally baffled as SS won't connect.

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