ONVIF version for SecuritySpy
  • I purchased an HDView which seems to be a Dahua make but they use different software and I am not able to see in within SecuritySpy. It is ONVIF compliant Ver: 2.3+ Profile S. Will Security Spy work with this?
  • Yes, this should work with SecuritySpy. See our instructions for setting up ONVIF cameras, under this section of the Installation Manual: Connecting to a Camera Over Ethernet.

    Just make sure the camera is set to H.264 mode, and not H.265 mode (if the latter is supported in the camera, it will be set by default and will therefore prevent SecuritySpy from being able to decode the stream. SecuritySpy cannot yet use H.265 streams, as Apple hasn't added H.265 support to their decoding APIs in macOS yet, though I expect this will come soon).
  • Thanks for the reply. It saw the camera but still will not connect. I get the following error:

    "2017/05/05 07:24:15: Error communicating with the network device "Network camera". 4.1.4,70184,1245 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Could not determine video stream dimensions - check video encoding settings in the camera (e.g. try H.264 encoding with baseline profile)."

    When I try to connect to the camera via a browser I get a page full:


    HTTP Error: 404 Not Found


    Any suggestions?
  • That's strange, what address and port are you using to connect to the camera using the web browser? You should be able to simply use the camera's IP address and it should come up with a login screen, is this not the case?
  • I clicked the "open in browser" button on the SecuritySpy setup widow, but get the same when I simply enter the IP address of the camera.
  • I have been writing back-and-forth with their tech-support, who I met say has been fairly responsive. But the replies they give me don't seem to match with anything the special software I had to install on my Mac. I think I will request a refund and purchase a camera off your compatibility list.
  • OK that does sound like a good idea. Without being able to adjust a camera's settings it's going to be impossible to get it working. They should really implement a standard web interface for this (like practically every other camera manufacturer), instead of relying on special software.

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