Dynamic DNS down?
  • Is the reflector/dns server down? Can't use the viewcam.me address without a error (404).
  • If you are seeing this error in SecuritySpy version 4, please upgrade to the latest version of SecuritySpy 4 in order to continue using the DDNS service.

    If you are using an older version of SecuritySpy, then I'm afraid this is a planned shutdown of the DDNS service for old SecuritySpy versions. We did email all affected SecuritySpy users about this in advance, but perhaps you have changed email address since your purchase.

    In order to support the ever-growing number of users taking advantage of SecuritySpy's free DDNS service, we have had to make significant changes to it, including moving the system to a new faster server. Unfortunately this means that we have had to discontinue the service for the now-discontinued SecuritySpy versions 2 and 3.

    Please consider upgrading to SecuritySpy version 4, which is a major new version with lots of improvements and new features.

    To help users upgrade to the new version, we are offering a special discount on the upgrade for any affected user, until May 10 2017 - please email us for details.

    Alternatively, you can use any other (normally paid) DDNS service provided by another company, such as No-IP or Dyn.

    All other functions of SecuritySpy (including its web interface) will continue to work indefinitely - it's just the DDNS service, which translates a memorable hostname to your Internet IP address, that has been discontinued for these old SecuritySpy versions.

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