GW Security 5061IP - error 1245
  • Hello

    I'm having an issue with an IP camera here. It's a GW Security 5061IP, and it works fine in other applications, e.g. TinyCamMonitor on Android and VLC on my Mac, but not in SecuritySpy. It can connect, but gives the following error:

    2017/04/26 17:00:52: Error communicating with the network device "SH-CAMERA". 4.1.4,70184,1245 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Could not determine video stream dimensions - check video encoding settings in the camera (e.g. try H.264 encoding with baseline profile).

    Now, the camera is apparently set up in H.264 with baseline profile. Here's a screenshot [ 2017-04-25 21.05.26.png?dl=0] of it's settings screen, showing H.264 and a setting called "BaseProfile" enabled, which I presume means baseline profile. However, I suspect the camera may not be outputting baseline profile - how can I check the exact output of the camera? VLC just lists H.264. I've tried it enabled and disabled, and various resolutions - none of which work. I can grab JPEGs from it in SecuritySpy using a manual profile, but they are only available at low resolution and around 6fps.

    Here's the SecuritySpy settings that I'm using: 2017-04-25 21.05.46.png?dl=0
  • This is not a camera we have come across before. There seems to be something about the particular format of video the camera is sending that SecuritySpy is having trouble with. It sounds like you have done all the initial troubleshooting checks that I would have advised, so what I'm going to do is email you and send you a debug version of SecuritySpy that outputs more information so that I can investigate this further.
  • Ben, can I get a copy of the debug version? I have the exact same issue with the exact same cameras. The older version of the "GW" cams work flawlessly. The latest version are causing error 1245 as stated above.
  • Sorry it has taken me so long to have a look at this. Using the information provided by Sam (thanks Sam) I have made some changes that should fix this issue. Please can you both try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.1.5b20) and let me know if this problem is fixed.
  • I can confirm that the beta version resolved the issue. The GW Security cameras now function perfectly! Thank you!!!
  • I can also confirm, works absolutely fine, thanks Ben!

    Also, this is a really good camera, at least for what I'm using it for. Excellent quality, great frame-rate, and the manual zoom and focus is incredibly useful. Main downside is you need to use a PC to configure the camera itself.
  • Great that this is now working.

    Are any of the camera's settings configurable using a Mac web browser, or do you have to use Internet Explorer for all the setup?

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