Edimax GS-5008PL 8-Port Gigabit PoE+ Web Smart Managed Switch 150W
  • If you are in need of a POE+ switch to power and connect your cameras, this relatively obscure POE+ Switch works well. The pricing is great at $136 via Amazon. I wanted a POE+ switch to replace one of my POE units because this allows remote power cycling of each port - something I could not do using POE+ injectors for my PTZ's. This let me get rid of the POE+ injectors and directly power both POE and POE+ cameras directly.

    Mine is powering 7 cameras with plenty of wattage reserve. The web interface includes all the functions I needed.

    It's not a well known maker for switches, but I give this my thumbs up.
  • Thanks for the recommendation - this looks like a good switch!
  • Update: This could be a deal breaker for some folks.
    The Edimax switch absolutly does not pass Bonjour multicasts. It's perfect for running the cameras with POE+ power and other network communication (TCP, UDP).

    Multicast simply doesn't go through. Still an absolutely silent POE+ switch with management, but it's so weird they opted to not pass any multicast packets.
  • I presume you've checked for a setting via the management page for this? It might be worth contacting Edimax to ask them about this - like you say, it would be weird if the switch simply blocked these packets without some kind of setting.
  • There is a setting for limiting broadcast storms, but nothing enable passing of multicast packets. Just bizarre. Spent two days trying to work out why my Edgerouter's MDNS repeater settings weren't letting MDNS bonjour packets between two of my subnets. They WERE. It's just the f&** Edimax blocking the packets.

    Ended up swapping out the Edimax switch for a TP-Link TL-SG1016PE (16 ports, 8 of which are POE+). Luckily, the location is enclosed, because the TP-Link fans are noisy. I've now two of the TP-Link switches in my system.

    Cost of POE+ switches, with management, has certainly come down since I looked last year.

    BTW, the MDNS stuff was to give just my Security Spy Mac Bonjour visibility. Pretty neat begin able to so specifically do that in the Edgerouter while keeping the rest of my camera network isolated.
  • Edimax worked on this after I reported it to the customer support. It took about a week, but they just sent me firmware 1.00.54 which fixes the MDNS Bonjour problem. I don't know when it will be in general release, but I can once more recommend the Edimax GS-5008. It is a completely SILENT switch and has adequate POE+ power. The TP-LinkTL-SG1016PE is super noisy and really can't be used unless sealed in a cabinet.

    The Edimax doesn't make any noise at all.

    Back on the recommended list.

    BTW, firmware updates on the Edimax completely revert to Factory settings including IP and passwords. Edimax has an unusual factory IP of so don't have your main router at that address!
  • Hi @guykuo this is great news! That is unusually good support.

    As you mention, PoE switches tend to have fans and can be annoying loud, so it's great to find a good silent one.

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