A couple suggestions for the SecuritySpy OS X app
  • I have two suggestions for improving the OS X security spy app (I'm
    running the latest release):

    1. The preferences window regarding setting Actions for a camera does
    not mention sending iOS notifications if Actions is armed. This
    should be made clearer in that preferences setting window.

    2. I wish the Control pull-down menu had pause armed settings/resume
    armed settings controls. The reason is that I have arming schedules
    setup for my cameras however if I am leaving the house later than I
    normally do I would like to simply pause/disable my arming schedule
    settings then when I am actually leaving I'd like to resume the
  • I hear what you are saying with the notifications, however it's not actually a setting that can be turned off/on in SecuritySpy itself (instead it's controlled from the iOS app), so it's a bit difficult to know what to put in the Preferences window under Actions.

    As for your second point, that is in fact what should happen with the "Arm Actions"/"Disarm Actions" option in the pop-up menu, but in my testing just now there appears to be a bug that is preventing this from working properly with schedules. I'll make sure this is fixed for the next update.
  • OK I've had a look at this. You can indeed use the "Arm Actions"/"Disarm Actions" options in the contextual menu (control-click on a camera) to do exactly what you describe. When the camera is set to a schedule, such manual input will take effect until the next event in the schedule.

    The bug appears to be when opening the Preferences window when the Cameras section is not initially selected (it remembers the selection from last time the window was open) - when this happens, it will display an incorrect schedule. This is a display problem with the Preferences window (rather than a problem with cameras actually forgetting their schedules) and will be fixed in the next update.
  • Let me clarify that for item 2. where I have several different cameras with some recording when motion detected and others recording motion when audio triggered, I would like to be able to pause that then resume with the same triggers/actions.
  • The easiest way to do this is to use the "Disarm All Modes For All Cameras" option in the Control menu (command-T on the keyboard). This stops all recording and actions for all cameras. Then, when you want to re-enable all recording and actions, use the "Arm All Modes For All Cameras" option.

    If any camera is set to a specific schedule, then this manual input will take effect until the next event in the schedule, at which point the schedule will take over again.
  • From a user interface angle this could be clearer which is why I suggest a pause and resume control.

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