• I had a security camera company come and review my requirements last week and he was suitably impressed with SecuritySpy. We discussed the merits of a HIKVISION NVR which also include POE ports. This made me think of a new question. Apparently if you plug camera's into the POE ports of a NVR like this the NVR acts as a DHCP server and the cameras are not visible on the main network. So if I went down this route would SecuritySpy be able to access the video URL's that the NVR offers so I could continue to use SS to view the video streams ?
  • Hi Dave,

    That's correct - with the cameras connected directly to the NVR, they are not directly accessible to the rest of your network.

    However, the NVR does provide RTSP streams for each camera, so in theory it's possible to have SecuritySpy receiving the streams form the NVR just as it would from the cameras themselves. However, we have not tested this (SecuritySpy is an NVR itself, so it's not designed to work with other NVRs), so I can't say for sure how well this would work.

    If you decide to try this out, please report back and let us know how you get on. To set up the streams in SecuritySpy you would use Manual configuration, RTSP format, and specify the Request as:


    where X is the channel number (1, 2, 3 etc.)

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