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  • Absolutely love SS and use it on a 2014 MacMini with 9 cameras. Stays around 3.5 to 4% CPU. I love how the mobile app works but wondered about a couple of additions:

    1. When I double tap to zoom in on a recording, it would be convenient to drag the view around like I can on live view. Because sometimes the subject of interest is off to the side when I double tap to zoom in.

    2. Some of my cameras cannot have the time overlaid on the video. When scrubbing through the recording it would be nice to have the time overlaid by SS and I could easily scrub to a time I was interested in or know the time it happened. I can see this in the application on the Mac but would be handy on the mobile app. I know I can do one movie per event but I've been doing one movie per day and had wondered about a time stamp for that when viewing back.

    Is there any advantage to a movie per event vs. a movie per day?

    3. Not a suggestion, but a question. I had to use the DNS service to access the cameras with the mobile app from outside my lan. I have a static IP address and manually opened ports but could not access a static IP address at all. I also have ports to all the cameras open due to older software accessing them from years ago as well as the ports for SS. Does SS require the use of your DNS service? It works perfectly but when possible I like to cut out the "middle man" and connect directly to my server(s) since I do have a static IP address.

    Thanks for the best IP Camera recording software I've ever used.

    Marty Edwards
  • Hi Marty,

    Glad you like the software! To answer your questions:

    1. Our app uses Apple's provided methods to play movie files, and unfortunately they do not provide the functionality you describe. So I'm afraid there is no easy way to add such features to the movie playback function.

    2. When SecuritySpy adds a date/time overlay, this is visible on all video frames, so you should see this wherever files are played back - both in SecuritySpy on the Mac and in the SecuritySpy iOS app. Perhaps you need to make the font size larger so it's legible on the smaller screen of your iOS device? You can do this under Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup.

    Whether you choose one movie per event or one movie per day is primarily down to personal preference.

    3. You don't have to use our DDNS service: you can use your static IP address directly. Don't forget to add the port number (by default 8000 for HTTP and 8001 for HTTPS) when using the address to connect, so the address you use will be in the form x.x.x.x:8000

    Hope this helps!
  • Ben, thanks for your quick reply. That answers all my questions and I did do that on static IP directly but it's so easy to make a mistype and I will go back and double check everything. The D in S server works perfectly and appreciate you providing this.
  • Great. Even if you have a static IP address, it's often useful to set up a DDNS hostname as well, because it's much easier to remember. The downside is that it does add a failure mode (i.e. an added complexity that can go wrong and stop things from working).

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