Playing Saved Videos in Mobile Safari
  • Anyone else having problems playing back saved videos on the server in mobile Safari?

    I tried changing the format that SecSpy saves them as (H.264 vs Jpeg) but they both save in a .m4v file container. Is there a way to save videos in a different format so they play back in Safari? If I recompress the videos they save as an .mov file, but still won't play in mobile Safari.

    All files play back fine in the iOS SecSpy app (1.1.1) when I'm on the local LAN.

  • DRM maybe?

    Can everyone else play their saved videos on mobile Safari?
  • It's not DRM, not sure exactly what the issue is, but with mac app 4.1.1, and trying Safari and Chrome (iOS 10.3.1) it looks like it is trying to load something (spinning gear in the menu bar), but never does. (waited more than 10 minutes for a small video, HQ or LQ)

    but the same video works fine in the iOS Security Spy app (and starts playing essentially instantly) remotely or LAN
  • Hey @BrianM. Thanks for the comment. Helpful to see that others can't play back recordings in mobile web browser either.

    Q: When you write "remotely or LAN", are you implying that you're able to get access to the SecSpy video server from a remote location? If so, are you broadcasting out to the internet, or tunneling in to your LAN and viewing a local-only server?

    Thanks again.
  • I have https only enabled and forwarded on a non-standard port. It's not perfect, but along with a pretty good password, it's been secure so far.

    VPN in is likely a better solution which I'll likely do some year.
  • Ah, ok. Gotcha.

    The reason I asked is that I have a VPN set up, and I'm having trouble getting the SecSpy iOS app to work on it. Safari mobile works great with the exception of playing back saved videos (and being a bit clunky compared to the streamlined iOS app). And third party solutions like Spyglass also are able to connect to the internal server when on VPN... but I'm trying like hell to get the SecSpy apps to work with each other over the VPN. Seems like it should be able to work since these other things are working fine over the VPN.
  • There's a limitation (or security feature, depending on how you look at it) in mobile Safari whereby it will refuse to play back movies served by HTTPS web servers with self-signed certificates, so this may be the issue you are running into. The workarounds are as follows:

    - Use SecuritySpy's HTTP interface rather than its HTTPS interface (but of course then your traffic is unencrypted).

    - Purchase and install an official SSL certificate for SecuritySpy.

    - Use our iOS app, which has a workaround for this issue (the first time it encounters a self-signed certificate it will ask you if you want to trust it before proceeding, and if you click Yes it will treat it just like an official certificate).
  • @Ben, once again, thanks for all the details and suggestions.

    My desire was to always use the SSpy iOS app, which was the one solution that would play the saved videos. The problem was that I was having problems using the iOS app over VPN, which you just recently solved via email support - by disabling "Advertise Bonjour" address in the server settings of the MacOS app.

    I'm planning on doing more testing in the next day or two, but it would appear that thanks to your exceptional customer support, I have a fully functional solution for viewing the internal video server regardless of whether I'm on LAN or VPN.

    Thank you again for all your efforts.

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