Remote Patrol and my Vpn Router
  • I have a Asus router running Open Vpn. Remote Patrol is my last issue the deal with. When the Vpn is turned on and Im away from home trying to connect with the WAN side of my router with Remote Patrol. It can not find the server. When the Vpn is turned off there's no problems. So for the last 4 months I have been turning the Vpn off in the morning and and back on at night so i have access to Remote Patrol. Im wondering if the issue is with the DDNS server or a incompatibility with Remote Patrol or Me?. I have been tweaking on this for a while with no success. So before I get too deep into this task. I want to ask if its reasonably possible to make this work? My router is a Asus RT-AC68U with Merlin firmware and Torguard as my VPN. Any input is appreciated! Thank you
  • I'm not sure I'll be any help here, but I'm having a VPN related issue connecting to the server with the SecSpy iOS app.

    Are you having problems connecting to your SecSpy video server over the VPN, or some other way just while the VPN is turned on?

    What's interesting in my case is two things:
    1) Even though I'm not able to properly connect to the (internal LAN only) video server with the SecSpy iOS app when tunneled in through my VPN, I am able to access the server through Safari on the same mobile device. So seems to be an iOS app problem connecting.
    2) Whenever I switch between connecting from on my LAN, to connecting on the VPN (into the LAN), the log in credentials don't work, and the sever needs to be deleted from the list in the iOS app, and then all the credentials re-entered in order to get a successful connection. This is true switching from LAN to VPN or the other way around.
  • My problem is only when I'm trying to connect to the Wan side of my router. This is a issue when using Remote Patrol, Web browser and Security Spy's iPhone app. I get a "Cannot connect to server error". Works great either wired or wireless when I'm home connecting to the Lan side with the VPN on or off
    I think I'm going to buy a Second router and run dual WANs. Putting Security Spy on a subnet
    outside of my VPN connection. Is seems to be the simplest solution right now. I hate turning off my VPN for remote access. I have read about other solutions but my networking skills are not that strong. I only have so much time to spend on such things given i have a job and kids. Also my Internet provider now has a greenlight to sell my browsing history. More more reason not to turn my VPN. Still open to other options :)
  • Hey, I'm not sure if this will help with your configuration, but @Ben helped me solve my problem with a VPN and the SSpy iOS app.

    By simply turning off the "Advertise Bonjour" setting in the MacOS settings (web server settings), the iOS app now connects to the video server regardless whether I'm on LAN or tunneled IN on VPN.

    I'm with you on the VPN OUT need with ISPs, etc.. Once I have all this running smoothly, I'm going to be looking to set up a whole-LAN VPN out solution so the traffic to ISP is encrypted. If I can't get my router to both accept tunneling into it's VPN and sending out traffic to an external VPN service, then additional hardware and/or network segregation might be required. If there's anyone out there with experience in this area, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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