New Doorbell, that might work with SS
  • New product on Indiegogo, ordered one to try out. Looking for something I can link into SS.

    Claims ONVIF compatible and RTSP Player.

  • Thanks for the tip, this looks good and does indeed claim ONVIF compatibility, which means it should work with SecuritySpy.

    Please report back once you've had a chance to test it.
  • I have one on order, I will post info when I installed. not shipping till June I believe.
  • FYI Doorbird seems to support ONVIF already:

    Unfortunately I already bought a Ring doorbell (to maximize wife-compatibility) that I'm about to install. I probably would have opted for Doorbird if I had known about it earlier.
  • Yes, Doorbird does support ONVIF, and has been confirmed to work with SecuritySpy, hence it's already on our list of supported cameras.
  • So they finally shipped the DBell, a and I can say it does work with Security Spy. just connected stand seems to be working fine
  • Great to hear that, thanks for reporting back! I presume you used the ONVIF setting in SecuritySpy to add it as a camera - is this correct?
  • I did use ONVIF for the setup, but I am having 1 issue. it is not recording sound.

    for sound I can choose "this Network device", but nothing gets recorded. I can use their App on my iPhone and it does hear audio from the device.

    I tried to post some screen grabs showing the config, but could not see where to upload them
  • In the Camera Info window in SecuritySpy, do you see a speaker icon shown next to the camera? If you click on this, can you hear the live audio from the doorbell through your Mac's speakers?
  • I do not see a speaker for that door bell camera, 2 others have it (different brands)
  • This indicates that the device is not sending an audio stream along with its video stream.

    Please check the settings of the device (connect to it using a web browser). Do you see any option there to enable sending audio with the video stream? Are there any audio options (format etc.)?
  • odd thing is it will not opening a web browser, and there is no option for sound format. I am going to ping the manufacture and see if they have any info to help. for now Video only on, but playing with this it is lacking some basic features I would like to see. like browser access, static IP, and others
  • It would certainly be useful (if not vital) to have web browser access so that you can adjust the device's settings! Please let us know what the manufacturer says about all of this.
  • Hi, I am considering getting a Doorbird. But I wonder: Can it be connected to SecuritySpy and still be used with the Doorbird app? (For remotely answering the door etc.)
  • Yes - I have a Doorbird working with SecuritySpy and it still works fine with the Doorbird app itself simultaneously.

    Note: Doorboord just released a hardware/WiFi ringer. Makes a nice addition if you can't wire to the existing bell ringer and want a physical bell (for members of household that do not have app on the phone, guests, etc.)

    Just received mine, but haven't installed it yet.
  • well I got access to the web interface, their documentation is spread all over the place on their website, not all in 1 manual.

    I still do not get sound out of the doorbell, and it now will not let Security Spy connect. which is odd since I had it running for a couple of weeks. I can access the camera thru the web interface and make changes to the camera, see video on their app as well, but not thru Security spy any more.

    I have pinged them, wondering if they have suggestions.
  • after fiddling with this for a long time, I am about to throw it out. It can not seem to stay connected to my wireless network even with the access point within 5 feet of the device. I wish it would actually work, the tech support for the product only suggestion is to factory reset the device, which I have done several times and it did not help.
  • Are you using an access point or a Wifi extender?

    I've found only actual access points work - with the new Eero Mesh network (or equivalent) the problematic wifi extenders are a thing of the past but unfortunately I find a lot of them still installed and the retail shops are still selling them.

    Can you run a hardwire to the DoorBird?

    They have a new two-wire PoE adapter that can work over the horrible old-school bell wire that is typically already installed for analog door bells.

    It's added cost, but hardwiring the Ethernet and power will always be the best solution in the long run - especially if you want to use the camera for streaming video and not just the doorbell function.
  • I just managed to pickup one of these dBells for VERY cheap.. I only got as it's listed as supported on the compatible cameras page but I'm having the same that John listed of no speakers or microphones showing up in SecuritySpy. Any update on this?
  • Has anyone had any long term success with using the dBell device with SS?

    I have had it working using ONVIF, but recently I can't get it connected - potentially a firmware upgrade on the dbell may have broken this, and the dbell support isn't that helpful.

    Many thanks

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