SS4.1.2 - loosing connect to camera (Foscam FI9829P)
  • Hi,

    I have noticed that every 24-48 hours SS4 looses connectivity to one of my cameras. I have been using 8 cameras for a long time and have had the FI9829P in use for ~9 months with no issues. I started noticing last week that it was not being displayed in SS4. Simply restarting SS4 solves the problem. This started happening with the previous version and during one of my manual restarts of the app (rebooting the mac is not required) it prompted and I upgraded to the current version (4.1.2).

    I was hoping it was a bug that was resolved in the latest.

    Anyhow, not sure what the issue is. I can set the machine to boot periodically, but that does not feel right.


  • Hi Eric, please check the log (File menu -> Open Log) - what errors are reported for this camera when it is in this state? There are no known bugs that sound like what you are describing, but hopefully the log messages may reveal some useful information.
  • Ok thanks. Of course like most technology issues, it stopped as soon as I reported it. :)

    I will look at the logs if it comes back.



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