Possibility to make SecuritySpy HomeKit compatible?
  • I know HomeKit is just starting to come to some acceptable level of maturity, but was curious if anyone knows if Apple has talked about any future capability for Mac software (I'm of course thinking specifically of SecuritySpy) to become any kind of official provider for HomeKit. I haven't heard anything like that yet myself, but it could open some possibilities.

    Minus that, does anyone know of any good way to use HomeBridge with SecuritySpy in any manner? Or might Ben at some point consider making a HomeBridge plugin?

    Ultimately, I'd love to expose the cameras motion sensors to HomeKit so I could use those as triggers to do other things (i.e. something triggers the motion detector in the backyard at night, turn on the outdoor lights for 10 minutes). I have a ton of HomeKit lights and other things so I've already invested a lot in HomeKit and at this point am only interested in trying to somehow bridge HomeKit and SecuritySpy rather than switch to another ecosystem.

    Thanks for any pointers, particularly with HomeBridge. I've seen there are different plugins for HomeBridge for several camera manufacturers but I own 3 brands of IP cameras and they do not all have HomeBridge plugins. So I think the best bet would probably be to "bridge" SecuritySpy itself so that I can utilize the feeds and (maybe/hopefully) the motion detection for HomeKit use.
  • FWIW, I recently bumped into this IOT workflow thats web based. It might be more involved than what you're looking for, but I was thinking about poking around with it and see what's possible with SecSpy functionality expansion/tie-ins for other IOT devices around the network.

  • I'd love an option to have SecuritySpy disable camera alerts from inside my house when we come home. I think HomeKit has a way to know when you've arrived at home.
  • jms703 - this could also be achieved through other means depending on hardware/software available - IFTTT with a compatible iOS app that supports geofencing - being one such software method to trigger an applescript on the Mac running Security Spy to turn off Actions for the internal cameras.

    I personally mostly rely on schedules, and turning the Actions on/off for the unusual days when someone is home (or turning it on when we are out in a time when we are normally home) - variety of people in a given week (in my case makes) it harder to automate fully.
  • I'm in a similar position, with many HomeKit devices. While its certainly possible to bring things together with a DIY solution, HomeKit solves the basic problem of getting the tech approved by the rest of the family (who for some reason think ssh'ing into a remote server to turn the lights on is a bad thing!). Integrating everything into HomeKit is a massive win, and anything sitting outside the shared eco-system is going to be less useful.

    Unfortunately Apple are really slow in bringing HomeKit to the Mac (i.e. they haven't!). While Homebridge is pretty neat, its essentially a hack which Apple could shut down at any time. As such I can't see it ever being officially supported in commercial software. I'd assume Ben is watching HomeKit very closely, but until Apple offer something official there's nothing that can be done.

    Things that could be done now - The iPhone Security Spy app could implement geofencing just for SS. The other easy option is to have an SS Action which turns on a Hue light through the Hue interface (very easy), and then have HomeKit do something when that bulb turns on. Similar you can check the status of a Hue bulb, and use that to control SS using Apple Script..

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