security spy web server seems to be down
  • I a m getting the error message "unable to set the DDNS name Error 302
  • Sorry about this, the server that runs the DDNS system was moved and changed to a new IP address by our hosting company last night, so we just had to update our DNS. It should now be working - please confirm.
  • still same issue
  • OK now there seems to be a server configuration problem that is preventing the system from working, I'm currently in touch with our hosting company and I hope to have a resolution soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • OK please give it another go now - all should be fixed.
  • works, thanks
  • Ben, not sure if it is the same problem or a variation of it, but a few days ago, I noticed that I had lost remote viewing capability through the DDNS service. Until earlier this week (Sunday?) everything had been fine and no changes on my part. Cannot connect through either your iOS app, Spyglass app OR through the web interface. On web it says the server isn't responding. In your iOS app, it similarly says "Connection failed. Unable to connect to the server". Ideas?

  • Hi @CameronB there are no known issues with the service at the moment, so this is probably going to be an issue with your system somewhere.

    The first thing to do is restart both the router and the Mac running SecuritySpy. Then, check the settings in the Preferences -> Web window in SecuritySpy (the web server should be turned on, with the "Allow access from the Internet" options enabled).

    If you are still having problems, please email us and we'll investigate further.

  • Hi Ben,

    Same problem here. The DDNS service seems to be down since yesterday. No connection possible although all settings seem to be correct.
  • Not sure if this is helpful, but I AM able to pull up the highway64 feed on the web.
  • Feel a bit stuppid. Beginners mistake I guess.

    I checked my router and saw that I forgot to give my Mac a static IP address. Changed it and everything seems to work fine now....
  • Just closing the loop here (already did so on a separate thread to Support)...turned out the issue for me was the "Allow access from the Internet for HTTP" had become unchecked for NAT-PMP). (Re) Checked that option and I'm back in business.

    Still have no idea how this happened as I had not messed with those settings since originally setting up SecuritySpy some time ago. But in case someone else may come across this thread in the future and had already confirmed that their router was setup correctly (mine was and always has been) but suddenly loses their ability to do remote viewing, check that the above checkbox (and/or it's HTTPS equivalent) are indeed checked.
  • I'm glad everything is back up and running for you both!

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