Updates Do Not Remember
  • Hope I have not missed the answer in previous discussions but....
    Version 4.0.3 is running fine, all cams doing swell, no issues. Download version 4.1.1, version 4.0.3 is not running... launch 4.1.1 and it does not find prefs or existing 4.0.3 set up. Previous versions, all the way back to v2 have always just worked when upgrading/dating. Probably missing something, but wanted to check before I manually put in all of the cams, schedules and motion settings. Any Ideas?
  • Hello, later versions of SecuritySpy should read the settings of any previous version of SecuritySpy. However a handful of users have reported this problem, so there may be a bug somewhere. So that we can investigate, please can you do the following:

    - Hold the alt (option) key while clicking the Go menu in the Finder, and select the Library option.

    - Within this Library folder, navigate into Preferences.

    - You should see multiple "SecuritySpy Preferences" files with different version numbers - please attach them all to an email to support@bensoftware.com, referencing this forum discussion.


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