iOS Notifications?
  • Hey all,

    Just working with the SS demo and absolutely loving the desktop software. I have the SS iOS app on my iPhone as well, but I haven't done the in-app purchase yet. What I haven't been able to figure out is how to enable iOS notifications on my iOS devices when motion is detected? Does this become an option when the in-app purchase has been made? iOS notifications are pretty important for us—our current system (which we're hoping to replace with SS) has them, so can't imagine going without...but can't figure how to enable them?

  • Hi Kristin,

    This currently isn't a feature of our own iOS app, however we are considering it for the future. For now you can achieve iOS notifications from SecuritySpy using the app "Remote Patrol" or the app "Spyglass" (search on the App Store on your iOS device to find these apps). They have both specifically been written for SecuritySpy and both have great feature sets.
  • Ah, OK.

    I tried using Spyglass—paid the in-app purchase for the notifications and ability to view captured footage, but kinda feel like it was a waste of money. Notifications aren't reliable (I get a notification about 25% of the time), and you can't play any of the captured footage. You can see the captured footage listing (with thumbnails), but attempting to playback the footage does nothing (movie window opens, but never plays).

    There are other issues with SpyGlass as well, which I assume stem from the fact that the app hasn't been updated in two years. I'm sure it worked well with older versions of SecuritySpy, but from my testing over the last week, I think the app is dead (and none of the support emails I've sent to the developers have been replied to).

    I've requested a refund from Apple on the purchase.

    I didn't even consider Remote Patrol since that app hasn't been updated in close to 3 years (soon as I saw the first line of the app description being "Works great with iOS 8..." and the last update being June 2014, I stopped looking at it (wasn't going to spending the $15 on an app that hasn't been updated in years).

    Bummer. SecuritySpy itself is great, but the lack of mobile support is a little disappointing. Spent some time last night rolling my own solution for notifications + captured video playback, in conjunction with the official app (just free mode basic monitoring), so will stick with that until one of the three apps gets updated a bit more.

  • We have just released version 1.1 of our iOS app, which includes notifications. Visit the App Store on your device to obtain it. Instruction and screenshots are here: SecuritySpy iOS/tvOS App User Guide.
  • Ben, I just want to say thank you. I just upgraded the iOS app and this update is fantastic.
    Especially the URL schemes are a very welcome addition.
  • Hi @petecam glad you like the update!
  • Another two thumbs up over here. Great update. Thank you @Ben.

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