PTZ on Axis keeps moving forever
  • Couldn't find anything with a search, though it seems strange that I'd be the only one experiencing this. Maybe I've missed something about the new PTZ controls. I have an Axis Q6045 that will keep moving once I start moving it. The only way I've found to stop it is to click on a preset. If using the ball to move around, I can never get the ball back to center just right, and the camera keeps moving very slowly. If I click the direction arrows around the edges, the camera moves quickly in that direction forever.

    The only other PT cameras I have are Foscams, which move as expected. A click on the arrows moves a small amount, and I can easily re-center the ball if I use that.
  • This was a bug in version 4.1, but has since been fixed in the newer version 4.1.1. You can either obtain this via the SecuritySpy download page, or use the "Check for Update" option in the SecuritySpy menu from within SecuritySpy itself.
  • Thanks, it is indeed solved. I guess I should have checked for updates again between finding the issue, and actually posting about it...

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