Dahua Time Problem
  • I have some systems installed using Dahua cameras from 2015. Many of these cameras have a time bug. I have tried several time servers, and the problem is always the same. The camera's time is off by arbitrary values. Like 2 hours and 13 minutes wrong. I can turn off the time server and sync time with the computer, but over a week's time, it will drift.
    So, I have a question for the community:
    Has anyone else seen this problem, and does anyone know of a fix?
    I have found others complaining of the problem on the internet, but I have yet to see a solution.
  • I have three Dahuas from that same time frame, but they do not exhibit such a time problem. They stay within a few seconds of system time and hikvision camera times.

    A constant time offset sounds more like a time zone issue wherein the camera thinks it is in wrong time zone and also has a weird DST offset atop the wrong time zone.

    I would recheck the time zone setting and the DST dates & offset amounts.
  • Here are the time settings in my Dahuas.
    Try duplicating all these exactly, including time zone.
    They might not be the format etc that you want, but for working around a possible bug. Let's start with settings that work for someone. Then, once functionality is verified, change the minimum.

    The time should stay offset by a fixed whole hour from your time (unless you are in pacific). Once that is confirmed, change just the time zone to match yours.


    Date Format Year-Month-Day
    Time Format 24 Hour based system
    Time Zone GMT-800 for pacific

    DST Enable ON
    DST Type Week
    Start Time Mar 2nd Sunday 02 00 00
    End Time Nov 1st Sunday 01 00 00

    Synchronize with NTP ON
    NTP server time.apple.com
    Port 123
    Update Period 20
  • I have one Dahua out of four that never keeps time.
    Exact same settings on all four cameras.
    The one camera for some reason, has an older firmware, and Dahua has no firmware download.
    Like you, I have to keep logging in and hit sync to PC and let it drift again for a week or two.
    Dahua has horrible customer support!
  • One other thing to check is that the camera has the IP setup it needs to actually make outgoing connections to the Internet (needed for it to obtain the time from the NTP server).

    If the camera IP setup is DHCP then there should be no problem.

    If the camera IP setup is manual, then in order to simply work on your local network and communicate with SecuritySpy it only needs an IP address and subnet mask. However in order for it to make outgoing connections to the Internet it additionally needs the router address and a DNS server (for convenience, is Google's free DNS server, or simply enter the router address as the DNS server as this works in most cases).

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