Prowl URL launch IOS app
  • Hi I just started to play around after realising that not having notifications directly in security spy iOS app that I could actually roll my own using my Indigo server and Growl>Prowl. It actually works really well because I can schedule when I get notifications and their threat level based on the time of day. My only problem is how would I go about launching the app on iOS from a prowl notification. Prowl can do this if the the app supports URL launching. But on top of that it would be really cool if I could launch straight in to the camera that the motion was detected on. Is this currently supported or can I add that to a feature that I would like.


  • Hi Lee,

    This isn't currently supported by our iOS app. I believe this requires us to implement a "URL Scheme" - we'll see if we can do this for the next update of the app.
  • Just wat to +1 this. Put together a quick motion-triggered iOS notification system and would love to be able to implement iOS URL Schemes into the notifications to push the user directly to the SecuritySpy app!
  • Hi - with the new 1.1 version of our iOS/tvOS app, we have implemented a URL scheme, as follows:

    URL scheme format:

    To select the most recent server, leave the host and port blank:

    The best way to generate these links is to click the share button (the box with arrow) on any camera's video feed in the app - then click the "Copy Link" button and you have a choice to choose a link for the Live Feed or for Captures.

    Note however that the new app also includes iOS notifications, so there is no need to implement this yourself!

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