video shake up
  • I have a sumpple ptz dome camera and the video is always breaking up.The picture is also jaggy and high contrast and I don’t see any controls for picture adjustments. When I PTZ, and it cuts out pixelates badly and doesn’t react soon enough to PTZ controls. This doesn’t happen all the time but one can feel that it s always lagging.
    The camera is capable of 1280-960p and second steam of 480-640 which I have it on.
    I’ve set it up using ONVIF.
    When I do all this on my web browser the reaction is fine and it doesn’t pixelate and the picture is smoother.
  • How is the camera connected to your Mac? You may have these problems if either the Mac or the camera is on WiFi, because it may not be fast enough to support the bandwidth of the stream (plus any other streams or devices you have on the WiFi network).

    If you connect the Mac and camera using wired Ethernet via an Ethernet switch, do you have the same problems?

    Another thing you can try is to reduce the frame rate of the camera's video stream (connect to the camera using a web browser to adjust its settings).

    Finally, are you using the latest version of SecuritySpy?

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