Timecode error
  • The timecode on my recorded footage is showing as GMT+1 e.g. if a motion captured clip were to be recorded now at 11:45 the watermarked timecode would show as 12:45, yet the .m4v file names which reference the recording time of each clip show the correct time.

    I've had a look in preferences but I can't see a way of correcting this, any suggestions?
  • SecuritySpy gets the time for its overlays from the system clock, so they will always match the file name, which comes from the same clock.

    I suspect what is happening here is that the time overly is being generated by the camera itself, and its time settings aren't quite correct. Log on to the camera using a web browser and check its time and overlay settings, including any daylight saving and time zone settings. To get the camera to maintain the correct time I'd also recommend giving the camera a time (NTP) server, such as time.apple.com.
  • I'm so stupid, I don't know why on earth I didn't think of this!

    Correct timezone selected, synchronised with the system time and NTP server set. Cheers for having to point out the [almost] glaringly obvious Ben.
  • It's easily overlooked - glad it's all working now!

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